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Conquer the Center

11 World Champions and Champion Finalist!

Winning in broadest robotics, hackathon and innovation competitions in the world! 

Trusted by most parents! Chosen by most kids! Adored by most professionals and scholars!


Robotics Development Path

It's NEVER too late to join robotics and Coding, join the age appropriate competitions to fall in love with STEM

Go to VEX IQ robotics competition with the most professional robotics club / school in Toronto


May - April

Start the robotics competition with this remote controlled robots supported by NASA.



Toronto VEX EDR


May - April

Engineering all the way, get ready to be professional.



We have the Best FLL Teams in Toronto GTA Ontario. FLL FIRST LEGO league hydrodynamics.


August - April

Innovation is the key to be true success. Present your idea to the world!



Go to VEX IQ robotics competition with the most professional robotics club / school in Toronto


January - April

True industrial standard, full scale robots, this is not a toy you can take home.



WRO Canada by Zone 01. Dr.X Academy got full score and gold medal in both elementary and junior high. Dr.X Academy of Robotics and Coding Toronto


January - November

Automation is the key to be truly smart robots.



Ready to start?


50 Lenovo/Dell Laptops

70 LEGO EV3 Robots

16 VEX IQ Robots

4 VEX EDR Robots

1 FRC Robot

80,000+ LEGO Parts

20,000+ VEX IQ Parts

and much more...


What Parents are Saying

The best robotics workshop in Toronto! The teachers here are very professional! My daughter learned a lot from the workshop! She now goes to her day school and teach her friends about robotics and coding. I’m so glad to see her find her passion in STEM!

Jennifer Zhou

At age of 11, Allen started showing interests of Robotics. It was DRX inspired him and brought him to a much higher level. Through one year of intensive training and multiple competitions, he truly discovered his passion. He learnt about feedback control, proportional control and exiting strategy which are widely used in real engineering world through solving those fun robotic challenges. I have been so thrilled to see him happy, engaged and willing to work hard to solve more challenges each day!

Dr X Academy has taught my son, Jathan so much about coding and robotics, he has been going there since last year and he learned all about coding efficiently and how to fix and debug a program, he also learned that in competitions he should keep a cool head when something ​goes wrong instead of losing temper. 
In a year of Jathan going to Dr X, he has had a significant improvement on his social and working skills.

Sophie Yao

Claudia Wu

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