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Meet The Team

Dr. X (Haipeng Xie)

  • Founder and Head coach of Dr. X Academy

  • Adjunct professor, University of Toronto, Department of Engineering

  • Ph.D of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Western University

  • Founds and Chief Technology Officer of Dr. Robot Inc.

  • Earlier work includes; advanced robotics R&D for Canadian Space Agency, and Bombardier on the Canadian Space Robotic Arm, STEAR, project.

Bob Wei

  • Master of Electrical Engineering

  • Head coach of FRC team at Dr. X Academy

  • Chief Robotics Engineer of Dr. Robot

  • Over 20 years of experience in autonomous mobile robotics, machine vision and AI industry

  • Has presented at various international robotics and AI conferences and forums

Anas Mahdi

  • Fourth year, Biomedical Engineering, Ryerson University

  • Mechanical lead of Ryerson Rams Robotics team

  • Software programmer of the Mars rover team at Ryerson

  • Research Assistant, surgical robots, Ryerson University

Hamza Mahdi

  • B. Eng, Graduate Studies, Social Robotics, Waterloo University

  • Project Manager and Software Developer of Ryerson Rams Robotics

  • Autonomous, AI, and vision system specialist at Ryerson.

  • Mentor of Bayview Secondary School VEX EDR Team


Gabriel Casciano

  • Fourth year, Computer Engineering, Ryerson University

  • Team Captain and Lead Hardware Designer of Ryerson Rams Robotics

  • Embedded System and DSP specialist at Ryerson

  • Mentor of 5406, 4039 and various other FRC teams.

Aiden Wang

  • Over six years of programming experience

  • Proficient in Unity, Fusion 360, Lego EV3 Mindstorms, Android Studio, C++, Java, Python 

  • Mentor of FTC team16417 for two years

  • Former team leader of FTC VEX EDR WRO FLL 

Jonathan Lam

  • BASc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo

  • Mentor of FRC 7721, Unionville Wolfpack

Hassan Mahdi

  • First Year Computer Engineering, McMaster University

  • Software Team, McMaster Mars Rover

  • Research Assistant St.Joseph Hospital, Hamilton


Stephen Walsh

  • BESc Electrical Engineering

  • Software and Application Developer

  • Specializing in AI and Machine Learning


Prashant Mistry

  • Second year, Computer Engineering, Ryerson University

  • Software and Hardware developer for Ryerson Rams Robotics


Adam Yang

  • Fourth year, Electrical Engineering, Ryerson University

  • Controls Lead for Ryerson Rams Robotics

  • Wireless communication and communication system specialist at Ryerson.


Jessica Wu

  • Second year, Therapeutic Recreation, University of Waterloo

  • Over 5 years of working with children of all abilities


Juleen Chen

  • Over 4 years of programming experience

  • Cisco networking lead, Mackenzie CyberPatriot Cybersecurity Team

  • Java game developer

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