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About us

Dr. X Academy of Robotics and Coding was founded by Dr. Haipeng Xie and a team of robotics and computer engineers with passion and dedication to bring innovative education to our kids through advanced technologies, such as Robotics, computer and mobile games, App developments, electronics, artificial intelligence, 3D CAD design and printing, virtual reality and digital media, and make learning fun and exciting. We believe exposing our kids to new technologies will inspire and stimulate them become tomorrow’s innovators.

Dr. X Academy itself was inspired by Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory where many of Edison’s famous inventions were created. Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment with cutting edge technologies, facilities as well as the spirit of innovation to our students, parents and educators.

Dr. X Academy of Robotics and Coding is directed and coached by subject matter experts in robotics and computer engineering fields, who not only have highest academic qualification, but more importantly, also have extensive real-life industry experience on robotics research, development and teaching.

Kids at Dr. X Academy will develop solid STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) knowledge through hands-on projects under industry leading experts’ guidance. They will also have the opportunity to learn real-life engineering principle, effective research and development strategies and techniques, as well as team collaboration. Furthermore, they will be encouraged to unleash their imagination and create their own innovative solutions.

Dr. X  Haipeng Xie

Dr. Haipeng Xie, adjunct professor at Engineering faculty of University of Toronto, Ph.D from Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Western Ontario, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Dr Robot Inc. (

Dr. Xie has dedicated himself to Robotics industry for over 20 years. His earlier works includes advanced robotics R&D for Canadian Space Agency and Bombardier on the Canadian space robotic arm STEAR project. Then he co-founded Dr. Robot Inc. and has been developing various autonomous intelligent robots since 2001. As one of the industry leaders for autonomous mobile robots, their products have served clients worldwide from universities, military defense to research labs.

As an adjunct professor, Dr. Xie has been actively lecturing in university, supervising graduate students, collaborating with University of Toronto, University of Calgary and University of Guelph in developing advanced robotics technology for disaster and rescue robots, elder care robots, remote sensing and survey robots and various unmanned autonomous all terrain robots.

As a father of two, Dr. Xie also enjoys coaching brilliant young kids for various science and robotic competitions. He and his partners founded Dr. X Workshop (now known as Dr. X Academy of Robotics and Coding) in 2015 with the intention to offer his expertise and vision to inspire, guide young curious minds, and make learning fun and exciting.

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